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John Eakin has been carrying out medicolegal assessments and reports for lawyers and for courts and tribunals for more than 25 years and has acted as an expert witness in Belfast and Dublin. Casework has included the following:

• educational difficulties following accident or injury
• severe and profound learning disabilities
• special educational needs (SEN)
• head injuries (especially following RTAs)
• victims of child abuse and child sexual abuse
• post-traumatic stress disorder
• victims of terrorist attacks
• learning difficulties (children and adults)
• dyslexia (children and adults)
• historical abuse
• cerebral palsy
• disabilities following birth injury
• psychological issues (eg. learning difficulties, fitness to plead, ADHD, English as a second language)
affecting criminal cases
• disability discrimination.


Three Associates, Dr Victoria Bratten, Dr Ciara Totten and Dr Julia Zack, also have experience in expert witness work including assessments and reports for criminal proceedings; human rights/extradition cases; family proceedings; birth injury and medical negligence; autism spectrum disorder and ADHD.