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The practice has long experience in assessing and providing independent reports and advices for children and young people at Stages 3, 4 and 5 of the Code of Practice or SEN. Some SEN Tribunal work has been done.

Parents of children with learning and developmental difficulties can be uncertain about the nature and the extent of their difficulties, and at what stage of the Code their needs should be met. A detailed psychoeducational assessment can help to clarify the situation and how best to approach a school or, if necessary, a Board.

Private educational psychology reports at Stage 3, as long as they are written by an appropriately qualified and professionally registered psychologist, are accepted by schools and Board EP services, in accordance with guidelines written and issued by the Boards’ Principal Educational Psychologists in 2004. (See section “Status of private EP reports” in this website.)

Independent educational psychologist (EP) reports and advices submitted by parents must, in law, be taken into account by a Board educational psychologist when a child is undergoing a statutory, Stage 4 assessment of SEN, through a duty to consult with the EP providing the independent advice.