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Educational psychology is not limited in its scope to children or to schools. The psychologists in the practice have a great deal of experience in working with adults also, mainly assessing cognitive/learning difficulties (especially dyslexia).

A particular focus is on university students or students applying to university, who require up-to-date assessments and recommendations as to the learning support, access arrangements and reasonable adjustments they may require, and whether they are eligible for additional support through Disabled Students Allowance. Since the 2005 Special Education and Disability Order (Northern Ireland) universities, in common with all education providers, must comply with the provisions of legislation aimed at removing discrimination or grounds of disability.

Adults in employment or applying for employment, who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, are also protected by disability discrimination legislation and the practice has acted on behalf of several such clients, commissioned on some occasions by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

The practice also provides assessments and reports commissioned by public and private sector employers, where employees are thought to have learning difficulties - most commonly dyslexia - which are affecting their work and where reasonable adjustments may be required.